As an affiliate marketer, your success relies on maximizing your sales while minimizing your expenses AND actual time spent advertising.

Follow-up marketing allows you to do all three

A good email marketing campaign can help you convert more prospects to paying customers and it's the foundation used by every successful affiliate marketer, which is why you always hear so much about it and people saying, "the money is in the list."

Regardless of how good the income opportunities you promote are, in reality most visitors to your offer won't convert into a sale on their very first visit.

In fact, research indicates that it takes the average person multiple visits before they'll make a buying decision. In other words, every effective sales process requires an element of repetition.

Think about the times when you've picked up a new product at the supermarket after seeing it advertised on TV a dozen times. Or a time where you've visited a new local restaurant after driving past it every day on your way to work.

That's repetition in action, but unlike a 'brick-and-mortar' retail store, there is no 'drive-by' traffic on the Internet. In many cases when someone clicks on the little 'exit' button in the top right hand corner of the screen... they're gone forever.

On top of that, there are numerous ways someone can get distracted while visiting your website.

Say a mother is surfing through your site and finds she likes the opportunity you're offering her, but before she gets a chance to click your payment button ....

The phone rings... The baby starts crying... She accidentally closes the web browser... She receives an email that requires attention... A delivery man rings the door bell...

Regardless of the reason, if she leaves the site there's a 90% chance you've lost the sale... unless you've sent her to a lead capture page FIRST to capture her email address.

If you've got her email address, you get a second chance. You can email her with:

My turnkey package that designed to specifically promote income opportunities comes with 20 pre-written autoresponder messages that will establish a relationship and build trust, while continually educating her on the benefits of an online income opportunity..

The bottom line is, capturing an email address gives you a 'Plan B' and allows you to follow-up with someone after they've left your website.

My Turnkey Package Gives You a 'Plan B' and a Second Chance.

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